What Type Of Church Is Four Mile Run?
Four Mile Run Christian Church is a non-denominational Church which strives to pattern itself after the church revealed in the New Testament. We are a congregation independent of any outside control, except God and His inerrant Word. God has called us to preach and teach His Word. We want to be faithful to this high calling. We call people to faith in Christ…a faith that responds to his commands to repent, confess our faith, be immersed into Him, and continue to follow Him.

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What Does Four Mile Run Believe?
For a comprehensive answer including what we believe about God,  Jesus, the Bible and more please click here What We Believe.

What Should I Wear?
You’ll find a warm, casual and welcoming environment where an array of dress styles can be found.  We want you to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear and focus instead on the message of Christ’s love for you.