Barriers. Nuisances that seem to get in our way. 
Fear. Doubt. Anxiety. Worthlessness. They all interfere with our ability to Go Beyond.
God wants us to move past them though. We need to look into His Word and see how we can avoid and skirt around these barriers to how God wants us to live. 
Through this seven week series, we’ll be taking a closer look at how to move around and Go Beyond these barriers that stand in the way of our freedom in Christ.

March 2019

Beyond the Barrier

Week #7 of our “Barriers to Going Beyond” Series
Beyond the Barrier
Barriers continually pop up again and again, but we need to get beyond those barriers.
2 Corinthians 5:17 – “Therefore, if anyone is in

Growing Beyond

Week #6 in our “Barriers to Going Beyond” Series
Don’t forget to pray about who God wants you to bring with you on Easter
All kinds of barriers can get in our way but when you decide that you’re going Beyond, things get exciting.

The Barrier of Pride

Week #5 of our “Barriers to Going Beyond” Series
The Barrier of Pride
  • How long did the hundred-years war last? 136 years
  • Which

The Barrier of Fear

Week #4 of our “Barriers to Going Beyond” Series

The Barrier of Fear

Some people constantly avoid people or situations because they’re afraid.

Fear is a barrier that can hold us back from Going beyond.

Fear is more than just being afraid: worry, anxiety, dread, ne

The Barrier of Failure

Week#3 of our “Barriers to Going Beyond” Series

The Barrier of Failure

We tend to let the barriers of life stop us from Going Beyond We don’t like the feelings that

February 2019

The Barrier of Weakness

Week #2 of our “Barriers to Going Beyond” Series

The Barrier of Weakness

Most people can list a long list of weaknesses and not a long list of strengths. That’s bec

The Reward Barrier

Barriers to Going Beyond – “The Reward Barrier”