At Four Mile Run, we believe that ministering to the entire family is the most effective way to raise up our young people and adults to be strong and healthy Christians. We offer a broad spectrum of programming that caters to the entire family!
In one week, parents will normally spend more time with their children than ministers or church volunteers will spend with those children in an entire year. Because of this, we are putting our focus on getting discussions about God and faith to be happening primarily at home rather than only at church.
We encourage you to set aside time during your week to pray as a family, to talk about God, to go through scripture, and to discuss how these things matter to you. If that sounds a little uncomfortable and you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. We would love to help you get started! Just ask.
AGES – Birth through 5th Grade
We offer some great opportunities for your children to learn and grow with others at Four Mile Run Christian Church. Whether it’s Sunday School Classes tailored to their specific age range or Junior Church which is a great time worshiping and learning about Jesus on their age level or just hanging out with other kids at fun activities around the calendar year, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and engage in with our Four Mile Run Junior Program. 
AGES – 6th Grade – 12 Grade & Young Adults
Your student / young adult faces a lot of challenges as they grow and the best thing you as their parent can do for them is make sure they have a great anchor for their faith in Jesus. Every Sunday at 9:30am and Sundays (except in the summer) at 5:00pm, our students gather to learn and have fun with each other. Our students also visit the Christ in Youth Conference every summer and they are involved in service projects and fun outings (tubing, water sports, bowling, hiking, etc) throughout the calendar year.
AGES – Everyone
We understand that it is impossible for us to do life alone. Jesus never meant for us to try and tackle it that way. We also understand that as a church grows larger, it has to grow smaller at the same time. That’s why in Fall 2019, we’re launching a brand new slate of Community groups. These smaller group settings will allow you to engage in conversation with others as you share life together. Whether it’s praying for each other, having a great time experiencing life together or deepening your walk with Christ through the power of accountability, there’s something in our groups for you!