Change has a broad definition. Change can be an alteration or a modification. Change can be something we find in a couch while cleaning up. Change can be something we take or use instead of something else. Change can be a shift in ideas or moods. Change can be something we do to our child’s diaper or our own clothing. Change can be a different denomination of money than we previously had before. Change can be an order in which a peal of bells can be rung. Change can be a pitch that a baseball pitcher throws. Change can be a new and refreshing experience or change can be an unwelcome, life-altering struggle.

But what we’re exploring this year in our theme of “Make the Connection” is what Connection we need to make in order to draw us closer to Jesus. Not what Connection we want to make, what connection we NEED to make and every one of those connection starts with us changing our hearts.

February 2020

Generosity Changes

Change – February 16, 2020
Generosity Changes
For 2020 we’ve been talking about “Make the Connection”.
Improvement is possible but improvement is impossible if you do what you’ve always done.

More and Less

Change – February 9, 2020
More and Less
When it comes to Jesus, if it scares you, it’s probably a sign you should do it.
God doesn’t want more of your money, He just wants you to do what you should

Generosity Changes Lives

Change – February 2, 2020
Generosity Changes Lives
Money is a tool for us to use, not a master for us to obey.
In order to live generously: