April 2019

When the Veil Broke Through

When Love Broke Through Week #4   When the VEIL broke through   In Leviticus, God sets up the Day of Atonement. It was a time for setting aside yourself to atone for your sins.   Everyone had responsibilities during the Day of Atonement.    The Day of Atonement was the only time the high […]

When Grace Broke Through

When Love Broke Through Week #3 When Grace Broke Through   There’s things we do to spiritually prepare for Easter because we make it a big deal, but what happens the Monday after Easter?   Are you going to stop going beyond?    Don’t stop. Keep going beyond. Experience His grace daily!   Grace is […]

When Truth Broke Through

When Love Broke Through – Week#2   When Truth Broke Through   Jesus told the truth, but He did it in love.   Sometimes truth can be an opinion or a feeling, but something that is absolutely true withstands time: past, present, future.   Sometimes things that were true then, aren’t necessarily true now.   […]

Love Broke Tradition

When Love Broke Through – Week One   Love broke tradition   We are expected to make sure Jesus’ love breaks through other people’s lives.   Tradition in itself is not bad because it’s a repetitive process we do over and over.   It’s full of processes and structures but it can become a hindrance […]